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It is said that there are two sides in the Land of Fairy.  They are known as the Seelie Courts, divided into the Seelie and the  Unseelie.

Seelie creatures are bonnie beings of truth and honor.  They can be gentle and are even known to grace the pure of heart with magical gifts.  One must beware, however, because they find the smallest breach of dishonor an offense worthy of death.

Unseelie creatures are wild and full of mischief.  Their pranks can be harmless or very deadly, depending on the wight's mood that evening.  Many a shaken farmer will tell you how the cow's milk was curdled or his best mule was ridden to death for fairy play.

Think you know which is Seelie and which is not?  Think again; the only way to know for sure is to ask them.  Depending on which court they are from, they may be telling you the truth.


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