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5. Red Leaf
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Every woods has its woodskeeper, the spirit who makes sure leaves fall just right or that grass has enough sunlight. Among these is Red Leaf, a member of the Seelie Court and one of the forest's most beautiful damsels. 

When fall leaves fall in deep piles in your front yard, that's Red Leaf giving you something to  play with.  When the wind kisses your cheek, that's her passing you buy as she works hard to keep the woods healthy and perfect.  You might catch a flash of her wild hair or glittery golden wings one summery day when she thinks you're not paying attention...  

OOAK Enhancements:
bulletartist-added gold fern/petal wings, black antannae, and pointed ears
bulletfacial reconstruction for full lips 
bulletfull repaint - highlights on cheekbones, multi-toned ruby red lips, and serene, hazel eyes with copper shadows
bulletoriginal one of a kind outfit - nonremovable
This doll is meant for display only. She comes with a certificate of authenticity.