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OOAK enhancements:

Trudie is one of my best examples of "doll rescue" in the Fashion Doll Witness Protection Program.  Once a 1980's Totally Hair Barbie, she was chewed on by dogs and then stored in a box to grow mold for years. 

She has received an extreme makeover with a resculpted face, arms and reshaped legs.  Her hair was falling out, so she had to be partially rerooted.  Her mold and face paint was completely removed to be given a finer and more flashy look.  Her eyes have been mostly closed and given eyelashes.  She looks at you as if to say, "Yes, I know I'm hot. What you got for me?"


PHOTO OP VII: Putting on the Ritz

3rd Place Most Natural Repaint


3rd Place Best use of Pattern


2nd Place Best Doll Modification


2nd Place Most astonishing Rescue


A member of the artist's personal collection...



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