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Backstage with Blue...
(insert obligatory welcome message here!)

What was that? You already feel welcome? Fabulous. Let me tell you a little about myself.

1. I'm Native American; Brotherton of the Fires of Narraganset. Yes, I *do* find the word "squaw" to be demeaning and insulting, especially when applied to apple products.

2. I'm an artist. Oh, couldn't you tell? I do doll art, oil paintings, watercolors... My true love is, of course, doll art... Fashion doll art, if you please.  Give me brush and an inspiration, and I'll grab one of the 100+ dolls in my closet waiting for a new chance at life. 

3. Okay Okay, I admit it.  I also love performing in theatre.

4.  My credentials? Actually, that's easy. I've worked on various comics including Exiles by Pentegram Komix and Graphix and a self-published webcomic, Battle of Angels. Uuuh... really there are too many to name here.


One of A Kind Dolls

I got into fashion doll art a few years ago as a hobby. Since then I've done... lords... 100 dolls?  I've lost count. 

Now I realize that I have found my niche: I think about them all the time, and I am always trying to improve my technique. 

Each of my dolls comes with a new name and a certificate of authenticity. I even have a special mark I put on them to identify them as from me.

I love my babies...

 My doll art dream is to appear in a magazine, or ... dunno... something.  Wouldn't that be keen?

When it comes to the art itself, I'm trying to achieve what I can only call "doll sculpture" with fashion dolls.  Sure, one can do that without the use of molds armed with their imagination... but if you could see the forms in my mind when I see that Barbie I'm saving for just the right moment...

I'm getting better, but I feel I have a ways to go. In the meantime, I love the babies born along the way.


I reserve the right to refuse refunds. I do not normally do that, but if you are rude to me or patronize me in any shape or form, my right will suddenly become accessible. I will still try to make the bid right, but I will suddenly become very difficult to deal with. Keep this in mind if you have a valid complaint, because the way I see it: people who want freebies are the ones who become abusive.



PHOTO OP VII: Putting on the Ritz 2006 (Trudie)

3rd Place Most Natural Repaint


3rd Place Best use of Pattern


2nd Place Best Doll Modification


2nd Place Most astonishing Rescue

Photo OP VIII: History, Mystery, Mythology & Halloween - 2006 (Peppermint)

1st Place Best Doll Modification


2nd Place Best Use of Photography or Photo Effect

General Information

Unless put in a special show or made by request, dolls usually end up on the Ebay auction block to begin with.  I rarely accept commissions, but feel free to inquire anyway.  I am always interested in new ideas.  Each doll I create is a one-of-a-kind and might even come with her preconception artwork, if there is any. 


50/50 layaway is available on purchases of $100 or more.  First payment due at time of purchase.  Balance due in 30 days.  Layaway payments are non-refundable.  First payment expected within 10 days of order,  or the doll will be put up for sale again

Paypal, personal checks & money orders are accepted.  Personal checks take 7 to 10 days to clear.  Inquire before sending payment.

Make checks payable & mail to:

bulletKatrina Joyner
bullet3252 Caribbean Drive
bulletJacksonville, FL  32277

Shipping & Insurance

U.S.  $12.00 and up
Canada $12.00 and up
Overseas $25 and up

Inquire before purchasing from overseas.  Serious buyers only, please.

General Pricing

Makeovers .............................. $200 and up
Mermaids ................................. $350 and up


My Private Collection...

Here are some pics of the dolls I love and will (hopefully) never let go...

The Grim Beaver and Goata

Barbie - rescued at a yard sale