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1. Amphitrite
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Queen of the Sea

"But sea-dwelling dolphins were swiftly carrying great Theseus to the house of his father, god of horses, and he reached the hall of the gods. There he was awe-struck at the glorious daughters of blessed Nereus, for from their splendid limbs shone a gleam as of fire, and round their hair were twirled gold-braided ribbons; and they were delighting in their hearts by dancing with liquid feet. And he saw his father's dear wife, august ox-eyed Amphitrite in the lovely house; she put a purple cloak about him and set on his thick hair the faultless garland which once at her marriage guileful Aphrodite had given her, dark with roses. Nothing that the gods wish is beyond the belief of sane mortals: he [Theseus] appeared beside the slender-sterned ship. In what thoughts did he check the Knossian commander [Minos] when he came unwet from the sea, a miracle for all, and the gods' gifts shone on his limbs." -Greek Lyric IV Bacchylides Frag 17

Now living in TX

BarbieŽ is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. I am not affiliated with Mattel, Inc. nor does this custom doll represent the manufacturer.
OOAK enhancements:
bullet Hair cut and styled, face fully repainted, and outfit hand-created by the artist. 
bulletDoll make: Barbie, manufactured by Mattel
bulletThis was the first OOAK doll I ever made.. #1!