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HER STORY:  Jay Li... What can we say about Jay Li?  Of African-Asian birth, she got involved with the gang wars in China at an early age.  She came to America to become a citizen and escape... but her crazy boyfriend wouldn't let her go!  So, as a trade for safety and her freedom, she turned in the entire gang! 


Jay Li was once a Fashion Flashback Janay by Integrity Toys.  She's never been played.  Her hair has been kept in its original condition: peppered blond and luxuriously long.  All of her original face paint has been removed to be given a fresh look: green eye shadow to set off deep brown (almost black) eyes, burgandy blush, and red lip gloss.  Yes, lip gloss... Jay Li doesn't believe in thick make up!  Her eyebrows are slightly feathered, and she gets to keep her original earrings as a keepsake to her former life.

Doll make: Fashion Flashback Janay by Integrity Toys