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HER STORY:  Jasmine was a country girl from Cherokee, North Carolina and didn't know what she was getting into when she joined the secret services.  Now, she knows plenty!  When her last mission was a bust and she barely got out of Iraq alive, the government contacted us at the Fashion Doll Witness Protection Program to give her a new life.  I'm sorry, but we can't reveal her real name or government code name.  She likes the name "Jasmine," however, and says she would have used it as a cover if ever given the chance! 


Full facial repaint using fine acrylics.  Sealed with gloss on lips and eyes.

Green eyes with a hint of brown set off with doe-brown and copper eye-shadows.  Jet-black eyelashes and eyeliner.

Ruby red multi-toned lips feathered for a lifelike effect.

Cheeks blushed with a red-brown.

Delicately painted eyelashes and feathered, brown and black eyebrows


Doll make: Jasmine was once Fashion Fling Janay from Integrity Toys