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1. Ehzra'ath
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Ehzra'ath - The Phoenix Reborn

bulletThe legend of the phoenix hints of fiery passion and rebirth through devastation.  Ehzra'ath is the literal expression of that tale as Barbie is created into a one of a kind bird of paradise...
bulletThis doll is second in the Creatures Fantastique series.
bulletNow living in Jacksonville, Florida


bulletHair trimmed and styled, face resculped and fully repainted, ears and feathers added, arms reshaped, and outfit created by the artist. 
bullet#1 in the Creatures Fantastique Series
bulletDoll make: Barbie, manufactured by Mattel
BarbieŽ is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. I am not affiliated with Mattel, Inc. nor does this custom doll represent the manufacturer.
bulletNow living in Jacksonville, Florida

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