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Whispering Cedar
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She comes from a proud and ancient heritage.  She's strong, beautiful, and she knows it.  She is Whispering Cedar, a modern Tsalagi (Cherokee) woman.



Her entire outfit is based on today's regalia.  She wears a Cherokee Tear Dress, which represents the Trail of Tears and became universally popular in the 1970's.  Her hair is pinned back in a traditional lock and held by a real leather hair barrette.  Her necklace, choker and bracelet are made of real glass beads.  Her tiny moccasins are removable, as are the rest of her belongings.  She even has a dancing shawl for those spring powwows.

She comes with a certificate of authenticity and all her shown accessories. This doll is for display only.

OOAK enhancements:

Hair trimmed and styled, face resculped and fully repainted, and outfit enhanced (and some parts created) by the artist. 

Details: This doll was once Theresa, a friend of Barbie.  Her hair has been styled and trimmed.  Her face has been remolded and completely repainted and sealed with quality acrylic materials.  Her dress was enhanced by the artist.



BarbieŽ is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. I am not affiliated with Mattel, Inc. nor does this custom doll represent the manufacturer.